Scam+Spam+Uninvited E-mail

Testing 1,2,3!..

Ladies +Gentelmen?
This time I'm going to talk about Scam e-mail + Spam.

Do you know what is scam?or Spam?
Want to know?
Search for yourself..

i already receive a bulk of scam+spam e-mail..
Look at the snapshot:

And this:

The e-mail that I black list are out of the scam+spam list.
How did this email get on the list?
Wrong places..:)

and this!!
Can you See it:
Can you?(^_^)

Too many,
To all..
Don't be careful...Ops!
Be careful!
Don't share your e-mail to public or you will get like a spam+scam+uninvited email..
That all for now!

Roger and out!

6 Response:

kenwooi said...

dislike spam mails.. hehe.. =P

Idham Fitri Adi said...

hehe..thanks visit my blog..hari ni tak sompek.nanti aku bgtau mana nak dpt skin tu.

POSH76 said...

wa tak pandai ler mende2 ni...huhu

good info

Blogger said...

i always know wat da sucking spamming.. kehkehkeh

PeJuAnG HiDup said...

shit spam. klik ur nuffnang k.

Aidi-Safuan said...

yang blacklist tuh mesti 18sx...eii...pervertnyer u nih.