18 Reason why 3000 sites use Net Onboard Business Hosting

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18 Reasons Why 3000 Use Net Onboard Business Hosting That You Must Know!!

Reason 1
You will/can:
~ SAVE more time
~ more money to invest for a Reliable Hosting Provider
~ At Net Onboard, we hold the concept to offer only quality and reliable hosting service for business owners.
~A reasonable investment save you all the possible and unexpected hosting problems and troubles in other budget hosting. Transfer from one hosting provider to another will even cost you more time and money than choosing the right provider in the first place.

Reason 2
~You will always be in CONTROL of your Domain,
your Hosting, your Subscribed Services.
~All domain will be registered under your name with full management given. You will able to manage domain, email accounts, change password, upload web content all by yourself anytime of the day, 7 days a week for free. Enjoy full control at all times.

Reason 3
~You will enjoy Privacy Protection on Internic Domain for FREE
This feature protects your personal and confidential information from public viewing through Domain WhoIS Protection. While other providers may charge you with a fee, we are offering this absolutely Free of Charge.

Reason 4
~You will enjoy Instant Activation of Domain and Hosting Services
No long lead times. Your Domain & Hosting are setup within 24 hours after payment received, make it faster for your online presence to go live worldwide.

Reason 5
~You will count on Net Onboard Quality Servers and Guaranteed Network Up Time.
~All of our servers are setup with branded Intel components and installed with the latest software and patches for optimum performance. ~You will enjoy the great server performance and stability with any of our hosting plans. Plus, we provide the complete list of standard features that you will ever find from other provider, and even more.

Reason 6
~You will enjoy the most effective Antispam filtering with Branded Barraccuda(TM) Enterprise AntiSpam Firewall
NetOnboard is the 1st to provide Barracuda Enterprise AntiSpam Firewall for shared hosting clients in Malaysia. The well known AntiSpam which widely used by huge corporation such as Microsoft Corp. is proven to effectively filter 99% of spam.

Reason 7
~You will NEVER miss your email again with Net Onboard Email Redundancy.There are multiple Email Redundancy Servers to serve your heavy email communications in case of email server or network downtime to guarantee on 100% email lost worry free.

Reason 8
~You will NOT pay any Hidden Fees
With Net Onboard, you never have to worry about hidden fees. You only pay for the item you wish to subscribe.

Reason 9
~You will get FREE 24x7 Online Helpdesk Technical Support
Contact Net Onboard 24x7 Technical Support (Level 1 & 2) via queue based ticketing system if you face any problems or difficulties in managing your hosting account. Emergency SMS contact is also available for Server breakdown issues.

Reason 10
~You will access to FREE Online Knowledgebase and Video Tutorials
Search for the solutions from our knowledgebase and step-by-step tutorials to get your problems solved right on the spot before the need to issue a support request.

Reason 11
~You will have Several Online Payment Methods for Convenience Payment.We accept several payment methods from clients from Internet banking, Credit card, Paypal or Pay at bank counter.

Reason 12
~You have our Money Back Guarantees
We offer 15-day Money-Back Guarantee on web hosting fee should your applications could not function in our hosting servers. No questions asked.

Reason 13
~You will enjoy the Best Rewards or even Discounts from us from time to time
Get rewarded for every purchase/renewal you spend with Net Onboard. Monthly promotions, referal commissions and even freebies.

Reason 14
~We're ranked one of the top 10 Web Hosting company in Malaysia
Net Onboard have been in hosting industry for 7 years and still stands out with the reliable and professional services you can count on.

Reason 15
~We're always available for a Live Chat from our web not only via Telephone and Emails
Our friendly, professional trained sales personnels are here to serve you via live chat, telephone or emails. Each inquiry will be replied timely.

Reason 16
~We're the Accredited .my DOMAIN REGISTRY Reseller
We have been recently appointed as an Accredited .my DOMAIN REGISTRY Reseller. With this, we offer you the lowest rate on domain fee plus speedy domain registration service.

Reason 17
~We're Verified Paypal Seller
We have been verified and authenticated by Paypal, the well known third party Payment Gateway, to sell and receive payment via Credit Card or Paypal fund.

Reason 18
~We will make the renewal EASY for you
It's our effort to remind you on each up coming renewal with simple renewal process. The simpler the process, the easier it is for you to enjoy our services. No more overdue domains that may cause interruptions.


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