Fraud Click Adsense Ads!!!

NI copy e-mail dari google sendiri yang diberi kat saya..

Hello,It has come to our attention that invalid clicks have been generated on
your Google ads, posing a financial risk to our AdWords advertisers.
Please note that any activity that may artificially inflate anadvertiser's
costs or a publisher's earnings is strictly prohibited by ourprogram policies.
We understand that you may want more information about the activity wedetected.
However, because we have a need to protect our proprietarydetection systems,
we're unable to provide our publishers with any detailsabout their account activity,
including any web pages or users that mayhave been involved. Thank you for your understanding.We recommend reviewing these references to learn more about invalid clickactivity and other activities that could endanger your account standing:

Please note that because we credit advertisers for any invalid activity we
detect, we may adjust your account earnings for any days during which
invalid clicks occurred.If you were clicking your ads out of interest or to
see who wasadvertising on your site, please note that clicking on your own
ads forany reason is strictly prohibited by our program policies. Instead,
wesuggest using the AdSense preview tool as an alternative.
This tool willallow you to check the destination of ads on your page without the
risk ofgenerating invalid clicks. For more information, please visit our Help
Center at
Lastly, please note that if we continue to detect invalid clicks on yourGoogle ads,
we may take further action on your account in order to protectour advertisers' interests.
Thank you for your understanding.
The Google AdSense Team

Masalah macam ni selalu timbul..
Ramai juga yang dah kena..
Masalah tul..

kita patut ucapkan Tq kat google sebab bagi peluang kat ramai orang untuk menjana pendapatan melalui program adsense ni..

Google is the best!!
(^_^) "Best seo I ever use"..I loving it..

P/s: Sesape pakar bab google adsense ni, kongsi2kanlah tip untuk elak fraud click ni..
Mengganggu je..

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