Nuffnang SCAM

Nuffnang is not a scam site..
I just received my first check Rm51.45..

P/s: My first online money....^_^
Super happy!!

5 Response:

Jas said...

Haha congrats! Nuffnang has been paying ever since they started out. NN rocks! (:

Nikel Khor said...

congrat la..nuffnang is gud la..hapi blogging

from Nikel Khor

Anonymous said...

woaaaa...gud news ooo...congrats!

CripsyCaiHong said...

im waiting for mine next week

whoa congrat but how ru gonna spend ur money ar!

edwin said...

I also received NUffnang check for the 1st time as well this year :)

Visit my blog to see how much I get :)