Happy Birthday Sah90. You are Getting older(^_^)


Day by day...
Clock keep ticking..and ticking...
time has passed without me realizing it.
"The Day has Arrived!"

Let's make a wish!!
"I hope I can become better than ever before, successful in the world and the Hereafter"
Oh, no...
Now I'm 19..
Next year 20.
and then 21..22...23...90..
Lastly, Dead!(Kojol)
(It just a true jokes)

So, anyone?
Any present for me?Any0ne?
My advice to myself,
you and all of you,
and to anyone name yu,
ikan yu or any yu2 things:
"Time not waiting for us but we always wait for it, so appreciate the time because there will never be waiting for us".

2 Response:

POSH76 said...

hepi birthday to u...bestnyer muda giler hehe

Blogger said...

hepy birthday to you.. hepy birthday to sah90.. hepy birthday to you.. fuhhhh tiup lilin ~